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Who can be a Consultation Participant?

Any of the following could be Consultation Participants:

  • persons with disabilities
  • Deaf persons
  • their supporters
  • persons representing Disability organizations
  • Disability support organizations
  • broader civil society organizations

How does being a Consultation Participant work?

1. Sign up for the website and share some information about your organization

Once you sign up, you can sign up for an orientation session to learn about what you can do on this website. You can also fill in information about your organization so businesses and government can learn more about what you do and who you represent or serve.

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2. Businesses and government can reach out to hire you

Businesses and government can find Community Organizations on this website, and use the contact information to directly reach out. From there, they can hire you consult with them.

3. Work directly with businesses and governments

You can communicate directly with the business or government to figure out how to work on their accessibility project. You will be paid for your work.

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